Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Back to Blogging Movement for the month of November!

I found this great idea over at Today is a Different Day! I know I get in a slump and don't blog as often as I would like on my family blog. The premis is to use the daily promts to help you come up with something to blog about during the month of November. Add a badge and join in on this great idea! Let me know if you plan on doing this so I can head over to see what your writing about! Good Luck!

Mondays: "Not Me Mondays" (blog about mis-haps embarrassments)

Tuesdays: "Top Ten Tuesdays"(make a top ten list for whatever you want)

Wednesdays: "Wednesday Works" (share something of the old "works for me" school of thought or share a project you're working on, want to work on, need help with or even share a behavior/habit you or your family is working on)

Thursdays: "Thoughts for Thursdays" -of course!- (blog about a topic of opinion)

Fridays: "Flashback Fridays" (blog about a memory or even photo from the past)

Saturdays: "Saturday Social" (share new or favorite websites or blogs you come across)

Sundays: "Sunday Survey" (random questions)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Love this picture!

I took this picture out in the woods behind my house the other day and I just love the contrast of the log and the color of the leaves! I love fall and all the photo opportunities it brings! I should probably have my camera surgically attached to me since I am always taking pictures. lol :)

Pumpkin Carving Time!

We carved our pumpkins on a Friday evening in our garage. Katy, Chuck and their kids came over to do theirs with us. It was a fun evening and every ones jack o lantern came out great! It is fun to see the different personalities of the pumpkins that the kids created.

Emily helped clean out her pumpkin this year!

Making sure they are all cleaned out good!

James carved a little pumpkin to put in the mouth of his big pumpkin!

Hannah choose a kitty face for her pumpkin this year!

Brayden picked an Alien. He did a great job!

Kyle did a cat on Emily's.

Marhea watching Hannah cut her kitty out.

The end result!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's October and that means it is Deer hunting time!

WARNING: This post contains talk and pictures about deer and hunting!! :)

October in Michigan and the McNamara house means deer hunting season! Actually this is the first year I have hunted in October since it is only bow season. Usually I have to wait till November 15th every year when gun season starts. Kyle bought me a bow for Christmas (I know, how romantic! lol I actually was very excited). Well my 2nd night out on October 2nd I shot a huge doe! This is the biggest doe I have ever seen! The picture below is not that great of me and the deer is hanging in our garage so I made it small as to not gross out to many of you. :) I have been out hunting as often as I can looking for that elusive buck that I have yet to shot in the 5 years I have been hunting. I know it will happen and the more time I spend in my tree stand the better my chances. I always joke with Kyle that I don't believe that there really are deer out there with antlers because I don't ever see them when I am hunting. But just the other night I was hunting in a new location and I had a doe and a pretty nice buck walk in but they were both to far away for a good shot. I guess there really are antlered deer out where we hunt! lol My time will come and believe me when it happens you will all know about it because I have MAJOR BUCK FEVER and I will be so excited!

So Kyle had to go and show me up already this year and shoot a 9 point. This is not the biggest buck he has shot but he was pretty happy with it and I am very proud of him.

Emily wanted to be in the picture with Daddy and the deer!

Football and Cheer Fall 2009!

Fall brings Football and Cheer for us. James, Hannah and Brayden all were very busy with games, practices and school this fall. Here are a few pics from this season! This was James and Hannah's 2nd year and Brayden's first year. They all did awesome and we had fun watching them even though sometimes we froze doing it!

What a cute Cheerleader!

Hannah doing one of her cheers!

James getting ready to go in to play.

Getting suited up for football is a lot of work! Kyle is helping James get ready for a game.

Keegan and Brayden. Keegan is Brayden's cousin and they played on the same team this year!

Brayden playing football! Look for #35

Pumpkin Picking!

In late September we spent all day Saturday picking pumpkins at my brother in law Nick's house! He planted around 2 acres of pumpkins in the spring and he ended up with a ton of pumpkins! We picked them, loaded them into a trailer and then unloaded them in his front yard for him to sell! We only had Emily for this weekend, the older kids were not with us that weekend. Emily had a lot of fun and even helped take the little pumpkins from the trailer to the $1 pile! It was a fun but long day. Nick had lots of family and friends out helping him with his pumpkin patch.

Blog Catch up Time!

Ok, I just uploaded 400 pictures! Get comfy because I am ready to do some updating. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Wishing my mom a very happy birthday today! She is a great Mother, Grandmother and friend! We love you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So behind on blogging!

Ok, I am so behind! I have hundreds of pictures on my camera! I am hoping to download them tonight and start updating the blog. It has been a busy month and sometimes I am not sure where the day goes. So look for some good updates over the next few days! I promise! :) There will be pictures of a cheerleader, football players, pumpkins, more pumpkins and even more pumpkins (you will understand why I said that later! lol), jack o lanterns, kids playing in the leaves and even a few deer! (warning: they are not cool nature shots of deer frolicking in the fields! lol)

See you all soon!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays-Our new "Monster Truck"!

We finally sold our Durango yesterday and bought a 2002 Yukon XL! We got a great deal on it and were able to pay cash, so we won't have a loan and the payments! Woo Hoo! So this is my new ride, my "Monster Truck"! It is going to be nice to have so much space and we have to have the 4x4 for winter, pulling the camper and snowmobile trailer and for driving in the fields and woods for hunting.