Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: A girl and her dog!!

Trigger and Emily snoozing in our camper one morning while we made breakfast!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Camping and Big Girl Bike!

Riding bikes with her big Sister Hannah!

A few weeks ago we hauled our camper up north to Camp Cadillac in Cadillac! We are officially Seasonal Campers now! Looking forward to spending as much time as we can up north this summer camping, fishing, exploring, sitting around the campfire, eating good camp food and smores, swimming, making great memories and much more!

We ended up making a quick trip over Mother's Day weekend with the kids and hauled the bikes up to leave for the summer. Emily got a new bike for her 3rd birthday in November and has been practicing riding all winter long in our house and the garage! I am proud to say she is an expert bike rider now and rode her bike all over the campground. She does a pretty good job keeping up with the big kids. I am wondering when she will be asking us to take off her training wheels! :)

James is playing soccer this Spring!

James is playing Spring Soccer right now. His team is doing really well this year. His Dad is coaching and doing a great job, you can see improvement in how James is playing compared to last fall! I actually really enjoy watching soccer. Here are a few photos from one of his earlier season games. Last weekend's game was super wet and I did not get my camera out.

Look what Emily has made lately!

Here are a few of the cute crafts Emily has been making the last month! She loves preschool time and making and showing off her creations! I have some bug crafts from last week that I will get up soon.

Handprint Sunflowers

Rainy Day Umbrellas made with cupcake holders

Rainy Day Craft made by painting raindrops with her fingertips!

Bunny craft made out of heart shapes

Pretty painted Easter Eggs

Kite Craft

Look what I caught!!!!

I did not grow up fishing, but my awesome hubby has gotten me "hooked" on it! He has always been great on introducing me to new adventures like fishing and hunting, snowmobiling, camping and kayaking! I love that we both enjoy doing these things together and with the kids! We are definitely an outdoor family. I love that man!!

Anyways, last week we grabbed the boat and headed to a local lake one evening. We were not having too much luck, but then I caught an 8 inch bass and then a few minutes later I snagged this big fellow! It is a 28 inch Northern Pike and it weighed almost 6 pounds! This is the biggest fish I have ever caught. I was so excited! It was a lot of work getting him to the side of the boat so Kyle could scoop him up with the net.

This is a really bad photo of me, but I had to have a picture with my fish, who was extremely slippery and slimy! I grabbed a towel to hold onto him because I am not a huge fan of slimy things! lol

Playing in the Rain

Last week it was raining one evening and Emily wanted to play in it, so she put on all her cute raingear and headed out for some fun! She was really into posing for the camera, which does not happen that often. She was like a mini model! It was too cute.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Beautiful You!!

This is one of my favorite songs. It is called "More Beautiful You" by Jonny Diaz!

I love the message that it not only sends to our young girls and daughters but to us Mom's too! I know I need to hear this from time to time. Now days the world is teaching us that if we are not a size 0 and have certain features (that Hollywood has come up with) then we are not beautiful. You don't need a ton of makeup or need to show too much skin to be beautiful! We are all beautiful inside and out! We are all created by God and he loves us the way we are!

Listen to this song! It is so uplifting! :)

Remember, there could never be a more beautiful YOU!