Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Camping and Big Girl Bike!

Riding bikes with her big Sister Hannah!

A few weeks ago we hauled our camper up north to Camp Cadillac in Cadillac! We are officially Seasonal Campers now! Looking forward to spending as much time as we can up north this summer camping, fishing, exploring, sitting around the campfire, eating good camp food and smores, swimming, making great memories and much more!

We ended up making a quick trip over Mother's Day weekend with the kids and hauled the bikes up to leave for the summer. Emily got a new bike for her 3rd birthday in November and has been practicing riding all winter long in our house and the garage! I am proud to say she is an expert bike rider now and rode her bike all over the campground. She does a pretty good job keeping up with the big kids. I am wondering when she will be asking us to take off her training wheels! :)


Kristie said...

How fun! My kids would love camping as much as I'm sure you will be this summer ;-) I hope to camp at least once or twice :-)

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lovely girl!

wall decal wall sticker said...

very cute baby.haha soooo cute!!

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Lindsay said...

One of my favorite photos is one of my youngest daughter learning to ride her bike. Those days pass by so quickly - she is 33 now!

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