Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Look what I caught!!!!

I did not grow up fishing, but my awesome hubby has gotten me "hooked" on it! He has always been great on introducing me to new adventures like fishing and hunting, snowmobiling, camping and kayaking! I love that we both enjoy doing these things together and with the kids! We are definitely an outdoor family. I love that man!!

Anyways, last week we grabbed the boat and headed to a local lake one evening. We were not having too much luck, but then I caught an 8 inch bass and then a few minutes later I snagged this big fellow! It is a 28 inch Northern Pike and it weighed almost 6 pounds! This is the biggest fish I have ever caught. I was so excited! It was a lot of work getting him to the side of the boat so Kyle could scoop him up with the net.

This is a really bad photo of me, but I had to have a picture with my fish, who was extremely slippery and slimy! I grabbed a towel to hold onto him because I am not a huge fan of slimy things! lol

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