Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday

So I had a good week last week.  Weighed in on Monday evening at WW and I am down 4 lbs.  My new weight was 188.4!  I am pretty happy with that!

I did good with my eating, but would have liked to get more exercise in.  That is my goal this week!

I started a 30 day squat challenge on May 1st and it's going good.  Last night was day 7 and I did 80 before bed.  Oh, it burned, but I know it will help me get my rear toned!  By the end of the month I will have to do 250!  Yikes!

I also started the C25K (couch to 5k) on Monday.  I did week 1, day 1 and found it too easy so I moved on to week 2, day 1 yesterday!  I am really excited about this program and hoping to be running the 3.1 miles this summer.

Overall, it was a good week.  I find myself making better choices.  Just this morning I turned down a huge cinnamon roll at a staff breakfast and I LOVE cinnamon rolls!  Baby steps.....  :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Weight Watchers... Goals... Etc....

Really surprised that I am really going to share these number with everyone, but I need the accountability and I know that a lot of you are or have been where I am! :) Here I go, things just got real!

So I signed back up with Weight Watchers again this past Monday!  I am actually really excited because I know that the program works and I will lose weight.

Last March (2012) I signed up and lost 60 lbs. over the course of the next six months!  I not only lost weight, but became a lot more active.  Started walking slowly and can now jog a mile!  I am working on running a 5K this August when I do the Color Run in Grand Rapids!  Actually going to be starting the C25K program next Monday.

Anyways,  my starting weight last March was 236!  I ended up getting down to about 175 last September.  I am pretty happy at that weight, although I needed to tone up a lot.  Well over the course of the next 6 months I have put back on about 17 lbs. I was somewhat doing WW on my own and I kept losing the same 10 lbs. and gaining it back over the past 3 months.  I decided I really needed to just join back up because I need the accountability of weighing in every week.  I plan on getting to my goal weight this time and becoming a lifer! I was really so close and am kicking myself for quiting.  I was an 18/20 before and now am a 12/14!  I am shooting to be an 8/10 right now.

So when I weighed in on Monday evening (hate evening weigh ins) I was 192.4!  Not super happy with that number, but pretty proud of myself for taking the initiative to get my butt back in gear.  I NEVER want to see the 200's on the scale again.

This week has been going pretty good.  I am eating well, tracking everything and getting my activity in.  I am walking/jogging and I started a 30 day Squat Challenge on May 1st!  It helps so much now that the weather is nice.  I also joined a 10 week challenge with Jess over at Operation Skinny Jeans!  You should totes check her blog out!  Great girl!

I posted some before and sort of after photos below.  I am about 10 lbs heavier right now that the after photo, but I will be there soon!

My goals are to not only lose the weight, but tone up and just really be healthy all around.  I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease.  I am not really sure what number I am shooting for on the scale right now.  I am thinking 150 or so. 

You will be seeing a lot of WW, fitness and all around healthy posts on here over the next few months.  I find that by sharing my story with everyone, it helps me be more accountable with staying on track.  I would love for you to follow along!  I am so ready to buy some new cute summer clothes in a size smaller than I am in now!  Have a great Friday and weekend!



Wednesday, May 1, 2013

30 Day Squat Challenge

I am working on a post about my weigh in on Monday at Weight Watchers.  I will be posting some goals, pics, etc.  I am having a hard time being on the computer when it is sooooo nice outside!  :)

Anyways I saw this 30 squat challenge over on Pinterest and have decided to start doing this today!  Call me crazy, I know it will be hard, but I really want to work on toning up my backside and legs! 

You can go HERE to see my pin on Pinterest as well! 

Yeah, pretty sure my booty won't be looking like that when I finish, but I know it will help firm it up!