Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Goals Link Party 4/29

Operation Skinny Jeans

I have joined a 10 week challenge with Jess from Operation Skinny Jeans! So excited to have more support with my getting healthy goals!

Today I am blogging about my goals for this week!

There are pretty easy.

The first is to resign up with Weight Watchers!  I just finished this one!  Check!

My second goal this week is to get 4 day of exercise in!  This should be pretty easy since the weather is looking great this week! 

Time for a new Me!

Happy Monday everyone!  Had a great weekend.  Super busy the first half, then we spent the remainder of the weekend with some friends in Silver Lake!  It was so nice to sit around a campfire under the stars with a drink in my hand!  

I just finished resigning up with Weight Watchers this morning!  I am super excited because I know I will be successful with this great program.  I will blog more about this later tonight after my first weigh in.  I am ready to get my butt back in gear and lose these last 30 or so pounds.

Have a great day everyone.  I will be back later with my weight loss goals, etc.   :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Motivation and a 10 Week Challenge!

As I have been saying over and over for a few weeks now, I am at my breaking point and don't want to put on any more weight!  I didn't work that hard last year to end up putting it all back on!

I have decided to join Weigh Watchers again next Monday.  I am actually really excited. I did so great with it last year when I joined.  Lost 60 lbs in about 6 months!

Anyways.  I will be posting on here a lot more about my journey of getting healthy, not only working on losing more weight, but I really want to be healthy. 

Wanted to share with you a great 10 Week Challenge that I just joined over on Facebook.  You can go HERE to visit Jess over at Operation Skinny Jeans!  I love reading her posts and I am so excited to be a part of this great group.  I have found that surrounding myself with other people who are themselves working towards the same goal, helps me out so much.  If this is something you might be wanting to do, whether it be weight loss or just getting more exercise in, check it out.  Everyone is so friendly!  :)

I will posts more about my goals, etc. next week.  I am so glad to see that the weather here in Michigan is finally starting to warm up so I can get my butt outside and get some exercise in!  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Ramblings.....

Feeling like crud the past couple days.  What I thought was allergies last week has turned into a full blown sinus cold.  It has knocked me on my butt!  Ended up staying home from work today to try and rest. I am scheduled to work 3 full days starting tomorrow and am hoping to be feeling better.  I slept the morning away after sleeping 8 hours, I obviously needed it!

I hate being sick.  It seems like nothing gets done around the house!  Not, that the Hubbs doesn't help out, but he has been putting in a lot of hours of hard physical work and is beat when he gets home.  Oh well, it will be there when I feel better.  I also hate that nothing taste like it is suppose to!

Speaking of eating.....  I am so far off the wagon that I have decided to sign up with Weight Watchers again next week!  I have been working on losing and gaining the same 10 pounds since January!  I am FED up!  I know what to do and start off doing great, but after a couple weeks I am right back to stuffing my face!

So, it's time for some accountability.  I know that if I am paying for something and have to step on that scale every week I will get my butt in gear.  It worked for me last year. 

I am so ready to start buying cute summer clothes and really want to buy them in a size smaller!  So I will start back up with my weekly weigh in posts next week. 

Now that the weather is finally warming up I will be able to get outside everyday and at least get a walk in.  I am doing a 5k in August and really want to be able to run most of it, so I need to get busy.  I can run a mile straight right now.

What are you rambling on about today?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Prayers and Thoughts for Boston!

I'm sure most of you are aware of everything that is happening in Boston this week!  Crazy, sad stuff.  Just wanted to let Boston know that my thoughts and prayers are with them! 

What's up with this weather?

This pretty sums up our week here in Michigan!  Had to get my winter coat out of the closet this morning.  :(

We went from lots of rain yesterday with 70 degrees to highs in the 40's with high winds and no sun today.  I would much rather have the rain with the warmer temps at this point in April.  We burn wood and I am thinking I need to go start a fire since it is already 66 in here and I don't see it getting any warmer with the wind.

How is the weather in your area?

Only good thing about today is that it is Friday!  So sleeping in tomorrow.  Well at least staying in bed since I normally can't sleep past 7 anymore.

Wanna make a girl happy on this craptastic Friday?  Head over to my Facebook page for A Day in My Life HERE and "like" it!  Thanks.  :)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

 It's finally Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday!  I am linking up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom once again for Thursday Thoughts.  Here is what is on my mind this morning.

~  We are suppose to have rain and storms today.  If it is going to rain once again, than I am hoping for a good storm!  Not a blow us away tornado storm, but a good rumbling, lightning show kind of storm!  I am always ready for a good one after a long winter.  Hoping the flooding in Michigan doesn't get any worse though.  Looks like it is getting pretty bad over by GR. 

~  Kicking myself, because here I am trying to eat healthy and last night I made a batch of homemade Lunch Lady Brownies.  They are so good...... like I could eat the whole pan good!  I had absolutely no willpower and may or may not have ate 1 or 7 of them.  This morning I took the rest of them to work with me so I could get rid of them, because we all know that if they are in my house I will ingest them.  I was taught to share!  ;-)

 ~  Thinking about joining Weight Watchers again.  I had so much luck with it last year.  I lost 60 lbs. in 6 months.  I still want to lose more, but I keep losing and gaining the same few pounds over and over again.  I think I need the accountability of weighing in to get me going.

 ~  Have CMT on while I type up this post and Jason Aldean's "1994" is on.  I actually like this song, maybe because it's the year I graduated from High School! Makes me want to go out with some girls and hit up a good country dance bar.  Joe, Joe, Joe Diffy.....  :)

~  Speaking of CMT and country.  Darius Rucker's "Wagon Wheel's" song just came on and every time I see or hear him all I think of is Hootie and the Blowfish!  I love me some Hootie and Blowfish! 

~  Looking forward to a night out this Saturday with some friends.  Heading to a local Comedy Club.  It's always a great time.  Plus my friend won tickets so we all get in free!  BONUS!  :)

~  Kind of wishing I would have got a turkey license.  I am seeing them everywhere and have only been out a few times with no luck.  Thinking next Spring I will have to head out and try.  It's only April and I am so ready for Deer season.  I love to be in the woods with my gun or bow.  Yeah, I'm a country girl!  :)

~  I am new to Instagram and loving it!  Are you on Instagram?  I would love to follow you.  You can go HERE to follow me. I will follow back!  I love seeing every one's photos. 

Okay, so that is what is on my mind today.  What is on yours? 

Have a great Thursday and stay safe!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wanna Be My Friend?? You Know Ya Wanna! ;)


I thought I would share a few ways you can keep up or "follow" me.  I would love to have you join me in my ramblings!  I love making new friends!  I am also working on some product reviews and giveaways, hence the more followers, the better giveaways!  We all win!  :)

Bloglovin is a great way to keep up with all your favorite blogs.  You can go HERE to follow A Day in My Life! Google Reader is going away soon so if you are following along with me via that route, please head over to Bloglovin so you don't miss any updates!

I have a Facebook page as well.  I like to post about things that are going on in my life, silly photos, etc.  Head over HERE to "like" my page.

I just jumped on the Instagram bandwagon and am really loving it!  If you are on Instagram, go HERE to follow along.  I tend to become a follower of people who follow along with me. :)

Thanks a bunch and have a wonderful Hump Day!

So What Wednesday!

It's So What Wednesday and once again I am linking up with Life After I "Dew"!

This week I am saying So What if.....

~ I can hardly wait for summer!  I am so ready to spend some time at our camper in Silver Lake! Ready for some fun in the sun!

~ I am starting to have a new obsession with Chevron!  So cute and fun!  I am loving my new Thirty-One bags in the Party Punch that is basically colorful chevron.  Thinking I need to get some clothes soon.

~ I find myself watching Disney shows like Good Luck Charlie, even when the kids aren't home or are in bed!

~ I call myself "Mommy" to our puppy Molly!  I always said I wouldn't do that, but I do.....  ;)

~ I'm mad at Meijer and almost didn't grocery shop there this week because they got rid of double coupons in my area! :(

~ I am getting the itch to go out and stock up on fun flip flops for this summer!  You can never have too many in my opinion!

~ I am thinking that I need to plan a girls night out very soon! 

~ I need to clean my house this afternoon, but thinking a run in the sun sound so much better! 

So What are you saying So What to today?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Letter's 4/12/13


It's finally Friday!  For reals, this week dragged on with all the rainy weather we had and actually having to work a full work week!

Anyways, today I am linking up with The Sweet Season again for Friday's Letters! You should totally check out her blog!

~ Dear Weather Man,  Please don't tell me that we are going to have rain again all day long!  I need some SUN (you know that bright yellow thing in the sky) soon!  It's been a long week and I am not liking the mud.

~ Dear Wendy ( yep, that's me), Seriously, you need to get back on track with your eating and exercising!  You were down right lazy this week and have been eating like you are getting ready to hibernate!  Starting Monday, you will get back on track and stop stuffing your face and sitting on your booty instead of walking. Swimsuit season is right around the corner and you know that you really want to buy a new suit in a smaller size!  :)

~ Dear Pinterest, Why must you suck me in when I have things that need to be done (dishes, dinner, shower)? It is amazing how much time can be spent pinning.

~ Dear Scales, I'm sorry I have been neglecting you this past week.  I am seriously scared to see what you have to say since I have been stuffing my face and being lazy!  I will be back soon.  I promise..... Please be nice.   ;)

~ Dear Hubby, Our anniversary is in less than 2 months and I can not wait for our annual weekend away!  I don't care if we just head to the camper at Silver Lake (or a seedy motel), as long as it's just us.  7 years and I can't imagine my life without you.   :)

~Dear Molly (our bloodhound puppy), Why, oh why did you act like a crazy dog in the middle of the night last night?  Normally you sleep all night.  I feel like I was up with a newborn.  Please sleep tonight.  Mama needs her sleep!

~ Dear Kindergartners, While I love working with you and think you are all pretty adorable, I don't like spending my mornings helping you get off the bus, only to find you walking towards me with earthworms!  I don't do worms.... EVER!  Trying to act like an adult and calmly tell you to put the worm down was very hard, when all I wanted to do was run away and scream! 

That is all.... Have a great Friday everyone!  :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Thoughts!

Today I am linking up for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!  Head on over if you would like to link up!

~ It's raining, again, for like the 4th day in a row this week!  While I am happy to have some Spring weather finally, I am so over the gloomy, sunless days.

~ I work with Kindergartners every day (like 120 of them) and the above said weather is causing indoor recess, which in turn after 4 days causes kids to have lots of extra energy.  It really needs to stop raining for my sanity!  The kids need to run around outside, soon!

~ I am so ready for Summer to be here!  Can't wait to get up north to Silver Lake and start our camping season.  Looking forward to getting the camper ready in a few weeks.  I am ready for some sun, sand in my toes, fishing, smores over the campfire, fun on the dunes and creating new memories with the family and good friends! So happy we have decided to be seasonal campers and can head up north whenever we want without a ton of work! 

~ I can't stop smelling my clothes!  I think we are having washer problems.  We have a front loading washer and I think it is in need of some serious cleaning (or maybe a trip to the curb), cause I feel like my clothes stink, like musty, mildew.  Anyone have some tips on cleaning a front loading washer?  I don't think it is the laundry soap and I tend to leave the door open when not in use.  :(

~ Tomorrow is Friday......  Yippee!

~ The next day is Saturday.... YIPPEE!  Can't wait to sleep in!

~ I haven't exercised all week and I am not happy about it.  Need to get my butt in gear and really work on losing the rest of the weight I want to lose.  Above said weather is not helping with my ambition.  :(

What is on your mind this Thursday morning? 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So What Wednesday!

 So What Wednesday

I am linking up with Life After I "Dew" today for So What Wednesday!

So this week I am saying So What if......

~ I ate lunch at work today and it wasn't very "diet" friendly!  I was hungry and it looked good!

~ I haven't mopped my kitchen floor in like almost a week!  I am so over having a clean floor, then having my adorable puppy walk all over it with her muddy feet.  I felt like I had the mop in my hand all day long. Not cool.

~ As I am writing this post I am trying to win tickets for Connxtions Comedy Club for this weekend off their Facebook Page by playing their trivia question game!

~ I don't know what I am making for dinner tonight.  Any ideas?

~ I am thinking Ice Cream for dinner sounds like a great idea!  ;)

~ I can't wait to sleep past 7am on Saturday! For reals, I am so not a morning person.

~ I wish it was last week and we were getting ready to head to Kalahari Water Park!  Still need to get that post up here!

So what are you saying "So What" to today?

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Ultimate Blog Party 2013 #UBP13

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Hi. Thanks for stopping by "A Day in My Life"!

My name is Wendy and I live in Michigan (Go BLUE).  I am married to my best friend, Kyle and we have a blended family of 4 kids.  It's a his, hers, and ours family and it works well.

Come follow along with me as I ramble on about my adorable kids, handsome (hot) husband, losing weight (still working on losing more, but am down about 50 pounds right now!), getting healthy, working out, cooking home cooked meals, photography, hunting, camping and so much more!

Me with my kids just last week at Kalahari Water Park in Ohio.  Brayden (in red) is 12, James is 14, Hannah (in purple) is 12 and Emily is 5.

My hubby, Kyle and I at one of our favorite places, Silver Lake! We spend our summers camping there now and love it! Just noticed I have the same sweatshirt in both photos! Ha, I do have more that one sweatshirt, but this one is really comfy!  :)

 Our newest addition to the family is Molly, our almost 4 month old Bloodhound!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!  I hope you will follow along with me here and on my Facebook Page, as well as on Instagram!  Leave me a comment, say hi and I will stop by and say hi as well.  :)


Happy Monday (bleh) and Pintester!

Happy Monday all!  I so didn't want to get up this morning after 10 days off for Spring Break and now it's all dark and rainy, so all I really want to do is take a nap but I have to head back to work soon. Bleh.......  

I will have a post up a little later today about our trip to Kalahari, which was a total blast! Can't wait to go back!

Right now, I thought I would share a funny site with all you Pinterest lovers.  It is called Pintester and it's pretty funny.  Basically, it is a person who tests Pins out from Pinterest, most of them don't work out too well!  I will warn you that there is some swearing in her posts so stay away if that will bother you.


Go HERE to check out Pintester!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

And Were Off.....

And were off to have a little Vacay for the rest of the week!  We are heading to Kalahari in Ohio.  So looking forward to getting away with the family.

I will be back late in the weekend with photos and I'm sure some great stories from our trip.

Can't wait to get in the hot tub!  :)

Have a great rest of the week......   

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday.... Sad But True......

Linking up again for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday with The Vintage Apple!

Today I am selecting a few of my favorite pins from my "Sad but true" Board!  They are pretty self explanatory and pretty much how I feel!  Enjoy!  :)

Let's get Pinning! 

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Friends, Food and Pedicures

You know what feels wonderful after a long.....long......long winter?  A pedicure!  For reals! Oh, and good times with a good friend.

Today I got to spend the morning with one of my BFF's.  We caught up while getting pedicures and had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Can you say Yum! We split the Spinach Artichoke Dip with pita chips and both ordered the Pulled Pork Slammers.  Of course, we gorged ourselves as well.  ;)  You gotta do that once in awhile.

I love getting a pedicure to start the flip flop season.  My feet feel so good and are looking pretty good too, well except for the pasty whiteness that is my skin right now!  The place where we got them done had those cool massage chairs so not only did my feet and legs get some attention, but my back and neck did too!  Bonus.....  :)

Showing off our cute new color.  My toes are on the bottom. :) Don't be blinded by the whiteness!

I always have a really hard time picking out the perfect color, but today I went with a cute bright pink in honor of Spring.

Now I am looking forward to the warmer temps that we are being promised so I can break out all my flip flops and put the boots away!

Also, looking forward to having feet that don't look like they were neglected all winter long when we head to Kalahari (Ohio water park) on Thursday.  So looking forward to getting away with the family! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fools Day!

Happy April Fools Day!  Can you believe it's already April 1st?  Time sure flies by when your an adult!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and wonderful Easter.  I took a much needed break from my computer this weekend.  It always feels good to be mostly unplugged.!

Below I have posted a few photos of ideas to celebrate April Fools Day with your family and friends!  These are all pins I found over on Pinterest! Click on each photo for more details on each idea.  I am thinking about doing the Brown E's one tonight.  The cream cheese Deodorant one is pretty funny and I know my 5 year old would love the stuffed animal one!

Do you do any pranks on April Fools Day?  Share them with me!

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest