Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Friends, Food and Pedicures

You know what feels wonderful after a long.....long......long winter?  A pedicure!  For reals! Oh, and good times with a good friend.

Today I got to spend the morning with one of my BFF's.  We caught up while getting pedicures and had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Can you say Yum! We split the Spinach Artichoke Dip with pita chips and both ordered the Pulled Pork Slammers.  Of course, we gorged ourselves as well.  ;)  You gotta do that once in awhile.

I love getting a pedicure to start the flip flop season.  My feet feel so good and are looking pretty good too, well except for the pasty whiteness that is my skin right now!  The place where we got them done had those cool massage chairs so not only did my feet and legs get some attention, but my back and neck did too!  Bonus.....  :)

Showing off our cute new color.  My toes are on the bottom. :) Don't be blinded by the whiteness!

I always have a really hard time picking out the perfect color, but today I went with a cute bright pink in honor of Spring.

Now I am looking forward to the warmer temps that we are being promised so I can break out all my flip flops and put the boots away!

Also, looking forward to having feet that don't look like they were neglected all winter long when we head to Kalahari (Ohio water park) on Thursday.  So looking forward to getting away with the family! 


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a fun time. I found we have a Buffalo Wild Wings not to far from us, we have to try it sometime.
Living in S.California I pretty much wear Birkenstock all year so I get pedicures about every 5 weeks! I love pretty toes.....

Candi at OurFamilyNest.com said...

Sounds fabulous! You know I have never had a pedicure. I hate the thought of having someone touching my feet, but they look so pretty when done. Maybe someday!!

Kristie said...

How fun! I've only gotten a pedi once for my sister's wedding. Could totally do it on a regular basis though if I had the money! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your toes look fantastic. Very beautiful, you should show them off ;)