Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's October and that means it is Deer hunting time!

WARNING: This post contains talk and pictures about deer and hunting!! :)

October in Michigan and the McNamara house means deer hunting season! Actually this is the first year I have hunted in October since it is only bow season. Usually I have to wait till November 15th every year when gun season starts. Kyle bought me a bow for Christmas (I know, how romantic! lol I actually was very excited). Well my 2nd night out on October 2nd I shot a huge doe! This is the biggest doe I have ever seen! The picture below is not that great of me and the deer is hanging in our garage so I made it small as to not gross out to many of you. :) I have been out hunting as often as I can looking for that elusive buck that I have yet to shot in the 5 years I have been hunting. I know it will happen and the more time I spend in my tree stand the better my chances. I always joke with Kyle that I don't believe that there really are deer out there with antlers because I don't ever see them when I am hunting. But just the other night I was hunting in a new location and I had a doe and a pretty nice buck walk in but they were both to far away for a good shot. I guess there really are antlered deer out where we hunt! lol My time will come and believe me when it happens you will all know about it because I have MAJOR BUCK FEVER and I will be so excited!

So Kyle had to go and show me up already this year and shoot a 9 point. This is not the biggest buck he has shot but he was pretty happy with it and I am very proud of him.

Emily wanted to be in the picture with Daddy and the deer!

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