Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Flowers

I got my 2 flower beds weeded earlier this week and have been enjoying the beautiful flowers that are blooming!

This flower bed was new last year and is still a work in progress. I will be adding more annuals and perennials soon! There are still more flowers popping up every day and I have 5 Hostas at the one end that are just starting to stick up through the dirt! It still needs some work. I will take more photos later this summer when it is full of beautiful flowers!


Kristie said...

I love Spring flowers!! I only have daffodils in bloom right now, but my hyacinths are getting close! :-)

I can't wait to see the pics later this summer...maybe they'll inspire me to do a nice flower bed too! :-)

Yankee Girl said...

Every year I tell myself I am going to plant flowers and every year I never get around to doing it.

I want pretty spring flowers!

They look so good! The bright colors definitely scream spring!

Alexia said...

I LOVE that orange flower! What is it? (can you tell I know nothing?? LOL)

Anonymous said...

thank you for becoming a follower! :) i hope you return to my page often and give me some feed back.

have a great weekend,
take care

Jenn said...

I'm jealous! I barely have tulips poking through here!! Following you right back!!

Buffi Neal said...

Very nice!! I have the same exact rocks around my garden. Thanks for the idea - I'm going to snap some pics of my garden BEFORE I work on it this year.

Found you from Smart&Trendy.

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