Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Emily's 5th Birthday Party

My baby girl turned 5 last month!  I am amazed by how fast the years fly by!  How is it possible that my youngest is now 5?!

We decided to have a friends party for her this year since she is now in Kindergarten and has lots of new friends.  Her current obsession is Hello Kitty so that is what she wanted for her theme.  Easy enough, I hit up Pinterest to get fun ideas for her party. I am seriously addicted to Pinterest, anyone else have this same problem? 

Emily had 6 friends come to her party.  It was so fun to see her interact with school friends.  She has really came out of her shy shell. 

Birthday girl!

Hello Kitty goody bags.

Each girl received one and was able to put their little trinkets in them that they got for playing games so they did not get lost.

Decorated table and kitchen.

Instead of spending a ton of money on Helium, I blew up lots of balloons and hung them from the ceiling and tied them to the chairs.

Used crepe paper and balloons to make a colorful backdrop for the party.

Turned our Fridge into Hello Kitty!

Used Hello Kitty Duct Tape to make the water bottles cute!

Goody bags and Hello Kitty for Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty game!

I made all the girls a Hello Kitty Headband out of headbands, felt and ribbon.  They each received one when they arrived and wore it throughout the party. 

Emily playing Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty after all the bows were put on by the girls.

The girls also played a game like Hot Potato, except we used a Hello Kitty Stuffed Animal.  They had a lot of fun and got really silly!

The Hello Kitty Cake I made for the party and some party decorations.

The cake is super easy to make!

Cupcakes I made.
Used Hello Kitty Rings and pics. 

Time for cake!

Emily and her BFF Audrie playing with her new dollhouse that she got from us for her birthday.

Modeling a new Hello Kitty Hat she got from one of her friends.

Emily kept saying "this is the best day ever!"  So happy that she and her friends had so much fun!  She is already planning next year's party!  She says it will be a Tangled party!