Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vacation at Silver Lake - Day 4

Okay, I am finally posting the rest of our Silver Lake Vacation Pictures! Summer has been so busy.

Kyle and Jesse went and played some golf at a local course, so Sally and I took the kids to the pool at the campground for a few hours. Later, we had tonka pies for lunch and then we had some rain came in. The kids played board games and we all just relaxed for awhile. After dinner, we headed down to Craig Cruisers to play some putt putt golf, ride some golf carts and play some arcade games!

Emily taking a break to have a juice box.

Brayden having some fun in the pool!

James diving in!

Hannah doing a pencil jump in to the pool!

Hannah concentrating on getting a hole in one!

Emily getting some help from her Daddy!

James and Brayden competing against each other.

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