Friday, September 11, 2009

A little bit of this and that

So I have a ton of pictures to upload but we recently switched to another printer so I could print out coupons in just black and not use my good Photo Printer. Now I need Kyle to show me how to switch it over so I can upload my pictures. Maybe later tonight.

So last night I went and got my hair chopped off! Very short for me. My hair was down the the middle of my back, but I was constantly wearing it up in a pony tail because I got tired of dealing with it! My hair grows very fast and is very thick. I had Kyle's sister Katy cut it off. It is above my shoulders and I definitely can't pull it up in a pony tail now! I had her leave the bangs longer so I could pull them up or tuck them behind my ears. I will have to have Kyle take a picture and post it. I am really happy with it. It has been a long time since I went this short, probably over 5 years.

We are heading into a busy time of the year now that school has started. All three of the older children are involved in fall sports. James and Brayden are playing football and Hannah is cheering again! It should be interesting trying to juggle 3 different games on Saturdays at different times and different locations. Won't be able to hit all 3 every Saturday, but will do our best.

I am looking forward to MOPS starting back up again. I have missed my MOPS Mommy Friends. I really look forward to our meetings every other Tuesday. Our first meeting is this coming Tuesday.

Today I took Emily to Toddler Time. This is a free program offered to our community. We had a lot of fun. There was a lot of new people today, due to a write up in the local paper over the weekend. I have a few friends that attend already. It is an hour long program that is geared towards you interacting with your child. Today our theme was all about Apples. There was songs, books and stories about apples. We also did a craft where Emily painted with apples cut in half and dipped in paint! She really liked that but does not like getting her hands dirty so she kept trying to wipe the paint off! Too funny. I plan on going back weekly. It is good for Emily to have that interaction with other kids her age.

I am really looking forward to fall! Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the feeling in the air, it's crisp and cool. I love wearing jeans and sweatshirts. I love playing in the leaves with the kids. Another activity that I enjoy is hunting. This is probably not to many girls' favorite activity, but I really do enjoy it. It is nice to spend the time out in the woods, it is quiet and you have time to reflect on life, talk to God and just sit for awhile! Sometimes if you get lucky you even get to shoot a deer! Last Christmas Kyle bought me a bow, so this will be my first year out hunting during October for bow season. I have been practicing and Kyle even put a tree stand up in our yard so I could practice shooting from it. I am not a big fan of heights but it gets easier each time I climb it. I enjoy shooting my bow and I am hoping to get a buck with it this year! I love having so many activities that Kyle and I enjoy doing together. We hunt, Kayak, Camp and go Snowmobiling together. He is not just my husband but my best friend.

Well I think I have rambled enough for right now. Hopefully I will be back sometime this weekend with some pictures from the past couple weeks.

Have a great weekend with your families.

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