Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall means Football!

Brayden is playing football again this fall and loving every minute of it! Kyle is helping coach his team this year and is enjoying the time spent on the field with the boys!

Last Saturday was their first game away at Olivet. The day started off cloudy, but I did not think it was going to rain until later in the day so we did not take any rain gear with us. Well, not to many minute's into the game it started to poor and continued to rain all through the game! They boys loved it and ended up winning the game. The people in the stands, well we were all soaked and looked like wet dogs!

I learned my lesson and will always have the umbrella and raincoats in the truck this fall!!

Hannah also had a game that day, but I left my camera in the truck since it was raining. I will post some photos of her very soon. She is of course the cutest cheerleader ever! :)

Keegan(Brayden's cousin) and Brayden after the game!


Alexia said...

No WAY! You were in Olivet? My brother plays on Olivet's team!

I'm normally at his games, but wasn't at that Saturday game. If you're ever at Olivet again for a game, you'll have to e-mail me!

Kristie said...

Very fun! And what a coincidence with you and Alexia! That's neat! :-)