Thursday, April 21, 2011

Country Kids Daycare!!!

Our Silly Bird craft made out of a paper plate and pipe cleaners! Silly

Our Bunny craft made out of heart shapes we did this week.

Here are the kites we made last week!

So far behind on posting. I need to add this blog to my weekly routine. I am spending less time on the computer and blogging because I started up an in-home daycare late last year. This allows me to stay home with Emily,but contribute to our family income! I actually love working with kids. I do lots of preschool activities with the older kids on a daily basis. Emily is learning and soaking up so much every day! It's amazing....

Sometimes it gets a little crazy around here but I think I have adjusted to being home all week. It is nice because I have an extra bedroom that we turned into the daycare room. We painted it bright sunshine yellow and Kyle built some shelves in the big closet for all the toys and my craft supplies. I will have to take some photos of the room to show you. It is nice to be able to shut the door at the end of my workday and not have the daycare spilling out into our family life in the evenings.

I recently started a facebook page for my daycare parents, friends and family. My daycare is called Country Kids Daycare. You can GO HERE to visit and see what we have been up to lately! I post photos of craft time and just cute shots of the kids. I would love for you to "like" the page if you are on facebook and want to follow along on this fun adventure in our life!

So that is one of the big things happening in our life. It's a good thing. Emily loves having friends come to play everyday and I love being home with her before she heads off to school! :)


Kristie said...

You must be super busy having a daycare now! It's neat that you've found something you enjoy that brings in some money AND works well for the family. Awesome!! :-)

Ramya said...

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