Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meet the newest addition to our family!!

No, we did not have another baby! We got a puppy! His name is Trigger and he is Weimaraner/German Shorthair Pointer and is super cute! He was born on Christmas Day 2010.

I was very reluctant on getting another dog. We have not had the best of luck with dogs the past few years. I also was not sure I wanted to have another indoor dog now that we have been remodeling our house! Made me nervous thinking about my beautiful cherry kitchen floor and a dog! Yikes.

We had been talking about the possibility of getting a dog the past couple months. Emily, actually all the kids, has really wanted a dog. Her cousin Marhea got a dog for her birthday and Emily has not stopped talking about getting a dog since. Actually she wanted 10 dogs, but we talked her down to 1! lol We knew we needed to finally get a dog when Emily started taking her invisible dog everywhere we went. Have you ever had to pull over to let your imaginary dog go potty when your shopping in Lansing? We almost had to one day because she was so determined that he needed to go potty!! Not only did we have an invisible dog, Emily started acting like a dog! She started trying to eat her snacks off the kitchen floor and even wanted me to pet her and feed her snacks to her like a dog! Silly girl.

We started looking for puppies online, looking for a breed that would fit our family. We had always had labs, but this time we wanted something different. We had pretty much decided on a German Shorthair Pointer or Weimaraner , when we happened to see a flyer at our local grocery store late one night. I grabbed a phone number and called the next day. Crazy thing is that the people that had the puppies was Kyle's Mom's cousin! We headed over that afternoon to see the 2 puppies that they still had and fell in love immediately! It was over. I was not leaving without a puppy. Emily was so happy. The older kids did not get to meet him till later that week because they were at their other Parent's house's. Everyone loves the newest addition to our family.

We are going to be installing an invisible fence around our 2 acres. This will be nice for him to be able to run and play outside without the worry of him running away, which is what happened to a previous dog we had.

He has adjusted well and is so laidback. I have never had a puppy so calm. He doesn't run to the door and jump all over people, which is a big no no for me.

We are very happy with our decision to add a dog to our family. Emily loves her new chore of feeding Trigger. I am loving that he is finally getting the fact that he needs to go outside to potty! Thank goodness we have not replaced our living room carpet yet!! A bpnus is that his breed have very short hair and don't shed as bad as other large dogs! YIPPEE!


Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

he is a cute puppy :)
are your floors holding up ?

Wendy said...

Thanks! So far so good! Our Kitchen floor seems pretty good. I think if we keep his nails trimmed we will be fine. It does have some scratches in it, but that is from kids and one of our kitchen table chairs, when the felt wore off the leg.

You got new hardwood floors too right? How are yours with your dog?

Kristie said...

Awe! Emily and Trigger are so cute together! She definitely needed a dog ;-)