Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prayer Request

I found out today that my dad has prostrate cancer. Luckily, they believe that it is not in an advanced stage and they found it early enough that they have 3 options to get rid of it. They told my parents that they can either have my dad do hormone shots which has been found to shrink the cancer and then they usually go in and do surgery to get rid of the rest of it. Radiation is another option and Surgery is the other one. My parents were give a big book with lots of answers to questions they might have. They go back to the doctor in 2 weeks with what they want to do. My dad seems to be doing pretty good, but I'm sure he is very scared. I know I am. It sure is hard to see your parents go through hard times, but they are strong Christians and lean on God. Please pray that they make the right decision on what to do next and for them to find peace of mind.

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Cristina said...

Wow, things always seem to come in bunches. I wish your Dad all the best and will keep him in my prayers and thoughts. As well as your Mom as I know this must be difficult for her too.