Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wow, it's really 2009!

Well I have not blogged for a week or so. Been a little busy plus we were having our second round with the nasty stomach flu. I think we are finally done with it. WHEW! Nothing worse than a sick little one who can't tell you where and what hurts.

So last Thursday on New Year's Day we took all the kids ice skating at the Summit. We met Kyle's family there. The kids had a lot of fun. The next couple days we just hung out at home in our pj's. We played some new board games that the kids got for Christmas. Brayden had his first wrestling meet on Sunday the 4th. It was the big Sparten Country meet at MSU. There is about 900 kids! He did not win any of his matches but Kyle said he wrestled very hard and that's all that matters. I stayed home with Emily since she had not been feeling very well. Work has been slow for Kyle for the past month. It can be tough when your self employed in the construction market in Michigan. He will actually be starting the drywall job at my mom and dad's house next week.

Emily turned 14 months old today! Wow, time sure flys by. She is such an active and happy little girl. Just the other day we discovered her sitting in the middle of our dining room table playing with our cribbage board. It was hard not to laugh and smile at her, but I scolded her and got her down. She is saying a lot more words now too. She throws her own diaper's away will go to her door when you tell her it's time to go "night night".

Well I think that's all for now.

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