Thursday, February 12, 2009

A little bit of this and that

So I have a few minutes and thought I would sit down and update everyone.

I just got back from the hospital. My dad is doing better today. They took his tube out of his throat and nose late last night and when I got their he was sitting up in a chair eating a little jello and sipping juice. His stomach is doing better and the doctor believes that the partial bowel blockage is working it self out and he won't need surgery! Praise God! He is a little discouraged today. He has been in the hospital a week and really wants to be home with my mom. The plan now is to make sure his stomach is doing good and then get him transferred to Eaton County Rehabilitation Center for up to 2 weeks. My mom has been spending her days at the hospital. Us kids are helping her get to and from the hospital since she can't drive my dad's truck. It will be a little more challenging once he is moved to Charlotte, but we will manage. Emily always seems to put a smile on my dad's face when we visit him every afternoon. She loves her Papa. I will update as soon as I know more about when he is being moved. Please keep praying for a speedy recovery and for a positive outlook on his part so he can get through therapy.

Emily is now 15 months old. She is growing so fast. She is mastering new words every week. Her newest are sit and blankie. She loves giving kisses and blowing kisses. Kyle is always greeted at the door every day after work with a hug and kiss from his baby girl.

Last weekend we took the kids to pick out paint colors for their new bedrooms. Hannah quickly decided on a pretty purple lilac. The boys have mutually decided they want a green color since they want to decorate their room like a rain forest. Snakes, lizards, monkeys... etc. That is fine with us but they want this really dark forest green and we are trying to explain to them it is to dark especially because they are in the basement and the ceilings are lower. So the other day Kyle and I found a nice green color called "hanging vines" I am hoping they will go for it since it sounds like a color that would be in a rain forest!

Kyle's work is picking back up! Praise God for that. It was a little tight the last month. Construction is such a hard business to be in right now in the state of Michigan. It did make us take a look at where we spend our money and how much we do waste. I am working on getting us on a budget and trying to have more savings for when work is slow.

Brayden did well at his tournament on Sunday. We were at Okemos. He took 2nd! He is wrestling so hard this year. It is so intense sometimes! We are taking this coming weekend off. We all need a break. The following weekend Eaton Rapids is hosting a tournament. So that will be nice and close.

Well I should go for now, Emily is still naping and I need to get some housework done.

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