Monday, February 9, 2009

Need more Prayers for my Dad

Last Thursday my dad fell in their basement and broke his hip. He is now at the hospital in Eaton Rapids. He had a partial hip replacement on Friday and that went good. He will be going to get rehabilitation at a rehab center for about 2 weeks when he leaves the hospital. Over the weekend he started having some serious stomach gas and his stomach was so swollen and hard he looked about 8 months pregnant. Of course he can't move around much so he is very uncomfortable. When I visited him this morning they had put a tube down his throat into his stomach to try to get some of the acid and air out of his stomach. He is not very happy about having the tube in his nose and throat but hopefully it will relieve the pressure and he can start to focus on getting better. My mom is doing pretty good. She spends most of her day at the hospital with him. I go as much as possible and their is plenty of family that is stopping by too. Please keep them in your prayers the next few weeks. Pray for a speedy recovery for my dad and that he can stay positive about going to rehab and working through the pain. I will keep everyone updated as things change. It has been a rough few months with the house fire, my dad's prostate cancer diagnois and now this.

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Dawn said...

We are praying for strength and peace and healing. There is nothing better than PRAYER! Hope all is well. Sorry I have not called, and I know you are busy too. We have had a rough week with tests and such for Brady. He is fine just got to keep up on what we are doing for him. I am available next week for helping out if needed. Does your mom need some meals brought to her? Or anything?