Monday, February 23, 2009

Reading Church signs

Every day that I go to visit my dad at the rehab center I drive past a church that puts clever sayings on their sign out front. This past week it says "Seven days without prayer makes one weak". Now most churches have a signs that have clever sayings on them, but this one really hit home with me. I have been thinking about it a lot lately. I will admit that I need to pray more, I'm sure we all can say that. I have been going to the Lord for guidance more in the past few months, but I know I need to be more faithful. He is almighty and without him I am nothing. I know that the power of prayer works, I saw it when my mom was so sick and was on life support in 2005. God answers prayers, maybe not always how we want or expect him to. Anyways, back to the sign. I felt like that was put there for me to see. I am great at praying when something major happens, but I need to pray daily and thank and praise God for everything in my life. I am so blessed with beautiful, healthy children, an awesome Husband who loves me so much and is my best friend, and I have a great extended family and great friends. So as that message replays in my head daily I will pray daily.

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