Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vacation at Silver Lake - Day 1

So we left for our Vacation on Tuesday afternoon. We stayed at The Hideaway Campground in Silver Lake! Our friends Jesse and Sally and their daughter Lilly came along too. We took our new camper and they put their tent up. The first night we got set up and made dinner. We then headed off with the kids to the lighthouse at the State Park. The kids did some swimming and Jesse and Kyle played Frisbee. It was almost dark when we left and the light was on in the lighthouse! Loving our new camper. Our 4 kids slept great in it, they each have their own twin size bed!

Emily enjoyed playing in the dirt and fire pit! She was filthy!

Jesse hit a few golf balls into Lake Michigan!

Kyle and his baby girl! She spends a lot of time on his shoulders!

The lighthouse and the kids in front of it getting ready to leave and run up the sand dune!

Hannah and Brayden playing in the sand!

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