Friday, July 31, 2009

Vacation at Silver Lake - Day 2

Our 2nd day we woke up to some fog and a light mist. We decided to drive up the coast, hoping to head towards some sun! Kyle has been wanting to take us to the Ludington Reservoir. This is where they produce power using water out of Lake Michigan. It was a long hike up the steep hill to check out the inside of the reservoir but worth it. It is huge! The kids had fun trying to run back down the hill. You can also see down the hill where the power plant is located on the edge of the Lake. It's pretty cool and was very educational for everyone. It was also free, which is a bonus!

We then headed north. I knew Emily would take a nap. The weather was clearing up by now too! We ended up in the Frankfort area. We had lunch at the beach where the lighthouse is located then headed up the road a few miles to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake shore area. We found a great beach where the Platt River comes into Lake Michigan. We unloaded our Kayaks and hit the beach. Everyone took turns with the kayaks in the river. It was so warm and pretty shallow. We found cool rocks and even saw a bald eagle flying above us! We played for a couple hours then loaded up and headed back to our camp site. On the way we decided to have dinner at Pizza Hut since it was getting late and it was Jesse's Birthday! We were able to surprise him and the wait staff sang Happy Birthday and brought out free Cinnamon Bread sticks! Yummy! Everyone slept good that night.
The kids all smiles and ready for our day!

We stopped and checked out this cool tank! The boys loved it, big and small!

Hiking up the hill to the top of the Reservoir. You could feel the burn in your legs!

The power plant on the shore of Lake Michigan.

The light house in Frankfort.

Brayden floating down the river after he kayaked it.

James and Hannah taking a turn with the Kayaks! We are going to have to buy them each their own some day. They love it.

James had one leg in Lake Michigan and one leg in the Platt River in this picture!

Emily playing in the sand!

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