Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun Survery: Random things about me!

I saw this fun survey over on One 2 Try and thought it would be fun! When your done reading mine, go ahead and join in on the fun!

*Where is your cell phone? On my desk
*Your Hair? Loving my shorter cut with highlights, plus I have an awesome new Flat Iron that makes my hair straight and smooth!
*Your Mother? Loving and supportive! A great gram gram!
*Your Father? A loving dad and wonderful Papa!
*Favorite Food? Mexican or cupcakes! :)
*Your Dream Last Night? I honestly don't remember...
*Your Favorite Drink? Diet Coke!!!!
*Your Dream/Goal? To raise happy and healthy kids, grow old with my hubby and best friend Kyle!
*What Room are you in? Living Room
*Your Hobby? Blogging, scrap booking
*Your Fear? worms, confined spaces
*Where do you want to be in 6 years? Where I am now, with some updates in our house
*Where were you last night? At home vegging on the couch
*Something that you aren’t? A Diva or high maintenance girl!
*Muffins? Love Blueberry!
*Wish List Item? Cabin Up North
*Where did you grow up? Michigan, lived here all my life
*Last thing you did? Laundry
*What are you wearing? Pj pants and t-shirt, so comfy!
*Your TV? Diego
*Your pets? One cat named Jake
*Friends? Love them.
*Your Life? Awesome
*Your Mood? Happy that the sun is shining
*Vehicle? Love my Yukon XL, it's my monster truck!
*Something you’re not wearing? Makeup
*Your favorite store? Target and then probably Kids Resale shops
*Your favorite color? Red
*When was the last time you laughed? This morning while listening to Emily and her cousin Kada play and giggle
*Last time you cried? Last week, had one of those missing my brother Howie moments, he passed away almost 10 years ago, way to young.
*Your best friend? My hubby
*One place that I go to over and over? The bathroom?? lol
*Favorite place to eat? Love Texas Roadhouse and The Olive Garden!

Now join in on the fun and let me know if you do this too so I can go read your answers!

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Kristie said...

I would do this, but I think I'd have a lot of the same answers! LOL! I'll have to try a flat iron sometime. Does it help control flyaways?