Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Snowmobiling weekend!

Last weekend we headed up north to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to get one more snowmobile ride in before the snow melts! Kyle's sister Katy and her hubby Chuck went with us, which made it a cheaper weekend for everyone, since we were able to split the cost of gas and lodging!

We left on Friday around 2:30 in the afternoon and arrived at our cabin at about 9:30 that night. We traveled in snowy, messy roads the whole time, which slowed us down, but we got their safe!

We ended up renting a small (think Geico house small) cabin in Seney for only $50 a night! Can't beat the price and it was very clean and fully furnished. We all agreed that we would stay their again. When we go up north snowmobile we are not really looking for luxury, since we are hardly at the hotel.

Inside our small, but cute cabin.

See, I told you it was tiny!

We headed out on Saturday morning and spent the day out on the trails! They were beautiful as usual and actually not too busy. We rode from Seney to Christmas (yes it really is named Christmas, MI and it had street names like Holly lane and Candy Cane Lane). We ate lunch at a place called Foggy's. Food was great, service was probably the worst I have ever had. I was oh so lucky and actually found a noodle (I hope that is what it was, I decided not to inspect it to closely for fear that I might be sick) floating in the bottom of my diet coke! BARF! The waiter did not even apologize, just brought me another diet coke. Can we say no tip?!

Looking down a snowmobile trail.

We rode back to our cabin and hung our for awhile, took a little nap, ate some dinner and then headed back out and rode from 11pm till about 2am! We ended up putting on 220 miles in about 9 hours! That is alot of miles on a snowmobile. It is almost like riding from Lansing to the Bridge, which is about 236 miles! We were all so sore the next few days, but it is so worth it. If you have never snowmobiled you really should try it. You see things you would otherwise would never see in a vehicle. We crossed the biggest bridge any of us have ever snowmobiled across before. The view was so pretty. This is a trail bridge only, not intended for cars. One way traffic at a time! It had to be about 25 feet tall.

The river that the bridge was over.

Looking down through the bridge into the water.

We came home on Sunday and the weather had warmed up and the roads were clear so we made it home in about 6 hours. We did not even stop one time once we crossed the bridge (4 hours from the bridge to our house, with no potty breaks)! I think everyone was to sore to even want to get out of the truck! So happy we got such a great ride in and we are already looking forward to heading back up next winter!

Looking out over the ice from the Mackinac Bridge.

It was pretty icy, but still had some open water between the lower and upper peninsula.

For those people who don't live in Michigan and want to read some interesting facts about the bridge, CLICK HERE! The Mackinac Bridge is currently the third longest suspension bridge in the world.


Kristie said...

What a great weekend! I haven't been snowmobiling since my dad would take me when I was little. We actually have a '79 John Deere snowmobile, but Rich hasn't tried to get it out yet.

LOVE the little cabin! That's adorable! And the scenery is beautiful! Very neat!

Jamie Lightner said...

Great pictures! Looks like cold fun. Although I don't think I would have handled the noodle to well. Yuck.

Just Breathe said...

My husband and I honeymooned on Mackinac Island 38 years ago. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I have been on a snowmobile but never on trails like that or for that many miles. Awesome!

blueviolet said...

It is just beautiful out there! I think that would be really fun as long as you're wearing the right clothing! The cabin was adorable!

Sarah said...

That looks like an amazing weekend! So beautiful! And what wonderful pictures. Love the little cabin.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Beautiful family Wendy. I'm following you back :)

JadeLD said...

Tag you're it! Your photos are lovely, looks like a great location.

TamsJewelry said...

This looks like so much fun.Very nice to meet ya!Nice looking family you have there!!

Anonymous said...

Looks fun!! What a nice vacay.

Stopping by to follow you from Tag Tuesday..drop in and see me!

Show Me Mama said...

Tag, your it :)

Simply Stacie said...

Tag! You're it!!

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Looks like so much fun!

Tag your it :D

Mayra, mommy to Pooh Bear said...

What a fun weekend that must've been!!

Beautiful scenery. You have a lovely family. =)

Tag!! I'm your newest follower.

Momma Such said...

Sounds like you had a great time! So glad you posted pics! Lovely! :)