Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas at our House

We celebrated Christmas with the kids on Monday. The kids opened up their new pj's the night before so they would look cute and cozy for pictures. We bought the kids a new Wii. This was their big gift. They also each got a game for it and a few other small gifts and their stockings. Emily got a really cute pink chair that is just her size. I made pancakes, sausage and french toast for breakfast and then we just hung out in our pj's all day. It was nice being home all day. I got Kyle some new hunting trail camera's, a new cowboy (Ted Nugent style) hat, and misc. other hunting items. I got my new Bow! I had been wanting one so I could start bow hunting deer. I also got a new Kitchenaid Knife set. We desperately needed new knives.

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