Monday, December 22, 2008

Some happenings in our life...

It sure seems to be the theme around the holidays!! BUSY BUSY.

Sunday the 14th we visited Hannah and James church in Hartland (where they attend with their dad). Hannah was in their yearly Christmas Concert. It was called the "Christmas Star". It was a nice evening of singing and fellowship. She did an awesome job and she even got to play the part of a wise man too. She really enjoys singing and performing. My parents went along with us and we stopped and had dinner on the way home with them.

On Tuesday the 16th our MOPS group had our Christmas brunch sponsored by our steering team. It was very yummy. We had breakfast casseroles, fruit and a chocolate fountain and other yummy things! We also did our final gift exchange for our secret sisters. It was a nice morning. I am really enjoying getting to know everyone better this year and enjoying the new friendships that are forming. Later that same day Emily came down with the flu. UGH This was her first bout with the flu and she actually did really well with it. She was finally feeling better by Friday. I was not feeling to well on Thursday and Kyle was lucky enough to catch it by the weekend and spent all day Saturday at home. Hopefully we are free of the bug now. Everyone seems to be doing better.

I really enjoyed the snow storm we had on Friday. I stayed home in my comfy clothes with Emily and Brayden all day long. School was closed here. Brayden played outside for a couple hours and later in the day Kyle got the snowmobiles out and took Brayden for a ride. Emily is really enjoying the snow now. We have a little purple sled that Katy and Chuck passed on to us that she loves to be pulled around in. It's quite a workout(according to Brayden and Kyle, I get off easy since I am always holding the camera). The whole time she is outside she eats the snow and then tries to eat the snow off the ground whenever anyone walks in the house with snow on their shoes!

On Saturday evening we went to a potluck dinner on my mom's side of the family. It was my Aunt and Uncle (Dave and Marilyn) and their 4 kids and their families along with my siblings and their families. It was nice to see everyone and catch up. It seems that time goes by way to fast and we only see each other a few times a year. There were a lot of kids and they had fun playing and running around with each other. Kyle stayed home due to the nasty bug and missed out on all they delicious food.

Well I should go. The kids have been sleeping for a couple hours and I need to pull Kyle away from his new Cabela's hunting game that he is playing on the new Wii game system. We had busy day yesterday, but stayed home all day today and celebrated Christmas with them. Ok, I will fill everyone in on that tomorrow night.

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Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.