Monday, December 1, 2008

Let it snow!!!!!!!

I love snow! Waking up today to a winter wonderland was awesome. Kyle and I can hardly wait to go snowmobiling. Kyle bought me a new sled last year for Christmas, well not brand new, but new to me! I only rode it once for about an hour. We did not go on any trips up north last winter partly because we had a newborn and the weather did not cooperate. We are possibly planning a quick trip to Grayling around Christmas time and then another longer trip later in winter. I love that my husband loves being outdoors and that we have so much we like to do together. We hunt, kayak, camp, snowmobile and even plant our garden together.

So back to the beautiful snow. I took a few pictures of my front and backyard. I love, love, love living in the country. Looking out my windows and not seeing another house right next door or behind me. Almost every night I can look out my windows and see deer running around. The kids absolutely like having a big yard and woods to play in. There is nothing better than a day outside playing and using their imaginations.

Well I should go for now. Emily is up from her nap and I have some errands and housework calling my name. Have a great day and enjoy the SNOW!!


Pam said...

No snow day here. We only got 3 or 4 inches. Sure is pretty though and the kids were anxious to see their friends today.

The McNamara's said...

No snow day here for the kids either. Emily was not to sure about playing in the snow today. I should have waited till after her nap because she cried the whole time. I think we only stayed outside for a couple minutes. Oh well I will try again tomorrow after nap! I wanted to get some good pictures of her in the snow. LOL They are all of her crying. I will post them later this week.