Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our other Christmas Happenings

Sunday (21st) we went to Church where they put on a beautiful Christmas Cantata. I love Christmas music. It was a great way to start off the day.

After church we went to Kyle's Dad and Step mom's for Christmas Breakfast. Gary always makes us a big batch of Cabin Mash and it is so yummy. It is a mixture of potatoes, sausage, egg and cheese done in a skillet. After breakfast we opened presents. I was so happy to get the new red kitchenaid Toaster I had been wanting. My old toaster needed to be kicked to the curb. It never worked very well and I always felt like I had to wrestle with it to make toast!! We had a great time just spending time with everyone. Kyle, Chuck and Nick had built new cabinets for Gary's wood shop(with help from Gary's friend Jerry). Before we went home everyone went outside to the shop and we put our hand prints and names on two of the cabinet doors. It was a fun project.

Later that day we went to Kyle's Mom and Step dad's house for dinner. The kids all got new ice skates for Grandpa and Grandma and were so excited and kept asking when we could go ice skating. Emily got lots of cute clothes and lots of new noisy toys!! I got new Paula Dean kitchen pots and pans (in red of course). They are so nice. It is great to be able to cook an egg and not have it stick! Kyle got the new layout blind for duck and goose hunting. His brother Nick got one too. Look around the fields next fall and you might see them laying around in the hunting ( or taking a nap!)

On Christmas Eve Day we went to my parents house for dinner. We had a full house. We had ham and turkey and all the fixing's, plus way to much dessert to eat. The kids all got a new board game and their favorite candy, snack and pop. They loved that! Later a group of us played Hannah's new game apples to apples. It is really fun and gets everyone laughing.

So we had a great few days spending time with family. We had great food and made lots of new memories. It was so nice to see the kids be so thankful to everyone for their presents and really get the real reason for Christmas too.

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