Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another update on my Parents

Last Thursday we moved my parents back into their house on Springport Rd! It had been 4 months since the fire. We have been working hard to get the house in order and unpacked so that when my dad comes home everything will be out of his way. He will still be using a walker once he comes home. On Friday I took my mom to the Rehab center for a meeting with the staff and therapist. He got a good report and the plan is for us to go pick up my dad tomorrow, Monday, and take him to the house. Some people from the center will follow and let us know if the house is safe for my dad to come home. He will also get a chance to practice getting around the house before he goes home. If everything goes well his projected date of going home will be Thursday, the 12th of March. Please pray that he is able to come home then. He has been very discouraged and negative about staying longer than that. As Kyle said the other day it probably feels like prison. I will update more after tomorrow. Prayers, prayers, prayers!!

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