Thursday, March 19, 2009

Been awhile since I posted

I just realized that I had not posted in awhile.

My dad went home from Rehab a week ago today! He is so happy to be home and to be home in their house, not the rental house. He is still using a walker, but is growing stronger every day.

Brayden was in a class play last Friday night. He was brother Rabbit in "the sky is falling". He did an awesome job. Here he is in his rabbit costume.

I had the opportunity to spend 12 hours scrapbooking on Saturday! It was an event at my parent's church to raise money for their building fund. They provided snacks, lunch and dinner and had door prizes. I had so much fun, I got a lot of pages in Emily's book done and was able to relax!

I have really been enjoying the warmer weather we have been having. Emily loves being outside. She loves to run around in the yard. The other day I found a caterpillar in the yard and she was so excited to hold it. She did try to put it in her mouth!! Must be it had a bad tasted because she made a funny face and started to spit a little. I have been shooting my bow that Kyle got me for Christmas every couple days. I really like it and am looking forward to hunting with it this October.

We are in the last 2 weeks of wrestling for Brayden! I will miss it a little but am excited to have it slow down. He has had a great season. Regionals are this Saturday at Holt High School. The top 4 from each weight class go on to states. He has a tough group of kids in his weight class so I'm not sure if he will be going to States this year. Will let everyone know if he does.

Looking forward to the weekend with all the kids. I am excited for James and Hannah to see their new bedrooms in the basement. Kyle painted everything last weekend. It is looking so nice down there. I will take some pics soon and post them.

Well I need to go finish dinner before Brayden and Kyle get home from wrestling practice. I will post some really cute pics of Emily later.

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