Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun Weekend!

We had a great weekend. Friday night we made little pizza's on English muffins for dinner. Then we spent the rest of the evening outside. The boy's hit golf balls in the yard, I shot my bow and Hannah jumped on the trampoline.

Later Hannah showed us a science experiment about light refraction.

Saturday was Brayden's tournament at Holt. I already posted about that earlier today. James and Hannah were great cheerers. They took their gameboy and DS to entertain themselves between matches.

Saturday night James helped me make dinner. He made the plain pancakes, while I made the Blueberry pancakes! Breakfast for dinner is always so yummy. We spent a lot of time outside this weekend. We are all so ready for warmer weather. The kids love being outside. We have the huge yard and woods to play in. Looking forward to spring break in a couple weeks.

Emily is a Monkey

This is what we woke up to this morning. Kyle peeked in at Emily this morning and she was sitting on the dresser between her crib and Hannah's bed playing with everything on it! So she officially knows how to climb out of her crib! I will be moving the dresser, hoping it will deter her for awhile. I am not ready for her to be done with her crib. I am glad Kyle ran and grabbed the camera so I can put a picture in her scrapbook. She is growing so fast....

Brayden is going to States!!

Yesterday was regionals for our area. Brayden had a great day and finished 4th at the tournament! This means he is going to States the weekend of April 4th and 5th at MSU Jenison Fieldhouse. He wrestled so hard. He had to wrestle 5 times. He won 3 and lost 2! We are so proud of him. James and Hannah cheered so hard for him yesterday. It was an exciting day. There are 8 regions coming to States so there will be 32 wrestlers on his chart. If you see Brayden, make sure you congratulate him. He is on cloud nine right now and so are we. We would have been proud of him yesterday even if he did not make states. He shows great restraint when he loses a match and does not throw a fit. He has great sportsmanship. That to me is what sports is all about.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Been awhile since I posted

I just realized that I had not posted in awhile.

My dad went home from Rehab a week ago today! He is so happy to be home and to be home in their house, not the rental house. He is still using a walker, but is growing stronger every day.

Brayden was in a class play last Friday night. He was brother Rabbit in "the sky is falling". He did an awesome job. Here he is in his rabbit costume.

I had the opportunity to spend 12 hours scrapbooking on Saturday! It was an event at my parent's church to raise money for their building fund. They provided snacks, lunch and dinner and had door prizes. I had so much fun, I got a lot of pages in Emily's book done and was able to relax!

I have really been enjoying the warmer weather we have been having. Emily loves being outside. She loves to run around in the yard. The other day I found a caterpillar in the yard and she was so excited to hold it. She did try to put it in her mouth!! Must be it had a bad tasted because she made a funny face and started to spit a little. I have been shooting my bow that Kyle got me for Christmas every couple days. I really like it and am looking forward to hunting with it this October.

We are in the last 2 weeks of wrestling for Brayden! I will miss it a little but am excited to have it slow down. He has had a great season. Regionals are this Saturday at Holt High School. The top 4 from each weight class go on to states. He has a tough group of kids in his weight class so I'm not sure if he will be going to States this year. Will let everyone know if he does.

Looking forward to the weekend with all the kids. I am excited for James and Hannah to see their new bedrooms in the basement. Kyle painted everything last weekend. It is looking so nice down there. I will take some pics soon and post them.

Well I need to go finish dinner before Brayden and Kyle get home from wrestling practice. I will post some really cute pics of Emily later.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Weekend

Last weekend we went to Battle Creek to watch Eaton Rapids wrestle at States. They were matched up against St. Johns, but could not beat them. Alex, Kyle's nephew won his match. It was very intense and exciting. The kids had fun and Hannah made an awesome sign to hold up when Alex wrestled. We spent the night at a hotel and the kids spent Saturday morning swimming. Since the team lost Friday night we went home earlier on Saturday and had a lazy day at home. After dinner we all curled up and watched Happy Feet. Brayden did not wrestle on Sunday morning. We took it off since he had been sick earlier in the week and missed practice. He has another week off then he has Regionals the weekend of the 21st. If he does well there he will go to States. So it was a nice weekend with the kids. Now I am just looking forward to warmer weather so we can be outside.

Follow up on my Parents

Yesterday we had the home visitation with the therapist and my dad. I went and picked up my dad and took him to the house. He had not been in since the fire. He did really well getting around with his walker. They had him try different situations to make sure he was ready to go home. Everything went very well. He of course did not want to leave and go back over to the rehab center. I felt bad taking him back but tried to look at the positive with him. The plan is for him to go home Thursday the 12th. Yeah! I know that it will be a bit of a challenge for my mom, being his caretaker, so please pray for her and for my dad. It will be so nice to have him home and so close. I'm sure I will make daily visits to help with housework etc...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another update on my Parents

Last Thursday we moved my parents back into their house on Springport Rd! It had been 4 months since the fire. We have been working hard to get the house in order and unpacked so that when my dad comes home everything will be out of his way. He will still be using a walker once he comes home. On Friday I took my mom to the Rehab center for a meeting with the staff and therapist. He got a good report and the plan is for us to go pick up my dad tomorrow, Monday, and take him to the house. Some people from the center will follow and let us know if the house is safe for my dad to come home. He will also get a chance to practice getting around the house before he goes home. If everything goes well his projected date of going home will be Thursday, the 12th of March. Please pray that he is able to come home then. He has been very discouraged and negative about staying longer than that. As Kyle said the other day it probably feels like prison. I will update more after tomorrow. Prayers, prayers, prayers!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update on my Mom and Dad

Tomorrow my parents are moving back into their house! Serv-Pro is coming out to my parents rental house tomorrow to pack everything up for them and move it and everything from storage back into their house. The timing is working out well since their rental house had a ton of stairs and it would have been very difficult for my dad to get into the house when he comes home from Rehab. It has been just over 3 months since the fire. I know they are both looking forward to being back "home". I know I am ready to have them closer, they only live about a mile away.

My dad is doing pretty good. He has days when he gets very discouraged. He just wants to be at home with my mom. He is handling therapy well. He is walking pretty good with a walker. He will still be home bound for awhile after he comes home. We are hoping that maybe next week he will get to go home! My mom and I are going for a meeting on Friday morning with the facility to discuss how he is doing and hopefully we will know more then. Please continue to pray for his recovery, both physical and emotionally.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Marhea's Birthday Party

I am a little behind. Friday the 20th of Feb. we went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Marhea's 6th Birthday. Marhea is Kyle's neice. Katy is her mom. Anyways, Hannah and I, well I sat at the table and chatted with Hannah, made Marhea a beautiful homemade card and we all signed it.

The party was a lot of fun. The kids had a blast collecting as many tickets as possible to get prizes. My camera's batteries died halfway thru the night so I did not get many pics after cake and opening gifts. Emily loved Chuck E Cheese and of course loved running around and pushing all the buttons on the video games.