Monday, June 29, 2009

B93 Birthday Bash!

Kyle and I along with Nick, Sarah and Krissy went to the B93 Birthday Bash at the Ionia Fairgrounds the weekend of June 19th! Emily stayed home with her Aunt Julie and James, Brayden and Hannah were still at Camp Barakel. We started out by camping at the fairgrounds on Friday night and it was raining very hard for about 8 hours! Luckily we have a pop up camper and we all stayed dry. I felt sorry for everyone camping in tents! So Saturday morning it had stopped raining but was really muddy! We waited in line for awhile then got into the fairgrounds where the concerts were going to take place! It started at noon and was suppose to be all day long. The performers we saw on Saturday were Frankie Ballard (a newbie), Bomshells, Julianne Hough (Dancing with the stars fame), The Lost Trailers, The Zac Brown Band (my absolute favorite), Craig Morgan, Michelle Branch and Blake Shelton! This is a free concert, you just pay to park. So half way thru the afternoon they start making announcements about flooding in some of the parking lots! The fairgrounds is located next to the Grand River and it's very low. They ended up cutting the day short because of the flooding. We were lucky, our camper and cars were not in the water but tons of people (over a 1000 cars) were stranded. We packed up our camper in about 10 minutes and left to find another campground! We were set up right next to the river and it was rising fast, I was not going to sit and wait for it to flood! We ended up going into Belding to the Double JJ Ranch! It is a great campground and we plan on taking the kids there in July. It offers river fun, 2 pools, camping, horseback riding, volleyball, playgrounds and golf! The plus is that it is only a little over an hour from home! So we spent the night camping and they ended up cancelling Sunday's concerts due to the flooding. We had a blast and have a great story to tell! We plan on going back next year! Hopefully we will get to see Sunday's Concerts too!
Craig Morgan, Michelle Branch and Blake Shelton! They only got to perform a few songs before the concerts were cancelled!

A self portrait of Kyle and I!

The stage and some of the crowd! There were over 40,000 people there!

Camping at the Double JJ Ranch.

The Ionia County Fairgrounds under water!

The river rising next to where we were camping!

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