Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Snapshots of the past couple weeks!

Been busy, busy, busy, but here are some snapshots of the past couple weeks! I finally got around and loaded all the photos from my camera! There were a ton. Enjoy!

Emily got into my makeup! Isn't she lovely??!

The beautiful flowers my husband gave me for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary! I love it when he buys me flowers or plants that I will have for a long time. I kept these in the house for a few days and now they are planted in our new flower bed in front of the house!

Emily loves playing in the water and the hose! She gets wet everytime the hose is on!

We celebrated with Kyle's sister Katy on her birthday!
Emily loved the cupcakes!

James' 4th grade class!
He graduated into the 5th grade on June 11th, 2009! My how time flys!

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