Monday, June 1, 2009

Surgery date is set

I had an appointment with the surgeon this morning. He agrees with the results from my ultrasounds I had done in Grayling Memorial Weekend and wants to remove my Gall Bladder. He said I will continue to have attacks and they will become more frequent! I can handle them occasionally at home but when your on vacation or at a special event it is no fun. I am scheduled for Surgery next Monday afternoon at 3pm. I have to be at the hospital at 1pm. I am relieved that I have the surgery on my calendar, but very anxious and nervous too! I have only had surgery one other time and that was when I was 11 and had my tonsils out. I am having it done laparoscopically (just a few small incisions in the abdomen) so it should be an outpatient surgery and I will be home Monday evening. This type of surgery is a lot easier and should be feeling like my old self in a week or so. When my mom had hers removed back in the 80's she was laid up for 6 weeks! Yikes! I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers over the next week or so. I would like to go in for surgery and not have a sky high blood pressure reading because I am so nervous and worked up. Happens to me every time I visit the doctor. Usually have to take it twice and it comes down to more normal readings.

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