Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our newest additions to the family!

Friday night we took the kids to some friends of ours house to see their new kittens. They were only a week old and so cute and tiny. We are going to be bringing 2 of them home in about 5 weeks. We are getting both of the orange kittens, the other 2 kittens they have are female dark tiger. We only wanted males, don't want litter after litter of kittens running around our house. Although if you ask Hannah she would have to disagree with us on that one! She could have 100 cats and be oh so happy. I was the same way when I was her age. We always had a lot of cats running around since we had a dairy farm and people would drop them off randomly and we would have a few litters every spring. I use to dress them up in clothes, those poor things! Anyways, Hannah picked out the one she wanted and named hers "Jake". The other one is our family cat and I think we all decided on naming it "Magglio" or "Maggs" for short! Yes, after the Detroit Baseball Player Magglio Ordonez! So Maggs and Jake will be joining us in late June. They will be outdoors cats since Kyle is allergic to cats and I really don't enjoy pet hair in my house. We will make them a nice home in our garage and I can hardly wait for Emily to start torturing them! She likes the grab them around the neck! Yikes.

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