Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Question of the day!

Why is it when you take a vacation you need an extra day when you get home to rest up from your vacation?

We spent most of the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City and of course we had a blast! We got home late on Sunday night and I would have loved to sleep in on Monday morning and be lazy all day. Life had other plans for me though and I was up early getting a kid on the bus, starting the many loads of laundry ( Really how many loads of laundry could there be from one weekend away with 6 people? At least 3!), and got myself to Brayden's school to help set up the Holiday Gift Shop that the PTO does every December. I met my friend Dawn at Church to help set up our table for the Christmas by Candlelight service last night, made dinner, did more laundry, homework with Brayden and back to the church at 7 for the service! I think I was finally home by 10pm and ready for bed! I am not complaining though, I love my life and am happy to be able to help out with great events.

Now on this Tuesday morning I am still in my pj's, sipping on my 2nd Diet Coke and catching up on emails and posts. I need to get myself ready to head back to the School to help with the Gift Shop this afternoon. I think this quiet morning has helped me "catch up" from my fun Vacation at Great Wolf Lodge!

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