Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cougar sighting in Michigan!

So this is crazy! I am always joking about their being cougars out in the woods here in Mid Michigan!There is not suppose to be cougars in Michigan. There has always been stories going around the area suggesting that there is a cougar living in Mid Michigan. My husband will ask me what I am so scared about when I say I am scared of the dark and don't want to go into the woods by myself! I always say well the cougar might get me! So I am sitting in my tree stand yesterday, kind of bored because I had been sitting for 2 hours and not seen a deer and I take a peek at my Twitter activity via my cell phone! (gotta love having a cell phone to play with when your hunting!) and see that the DNR has posted a link about a confirmed Cougar Sighting in Michigan!! They have the above photo that caught the cougar with a trail camera. YIKES! Well luckily it was way up in the Upper Peninsula, but I won't lie and tell you that I did not think that maybe, just maybe, there are cougars living in the woods I am hunting in! :) I also read that they have two sets of confirmed tracks in the UP as well! Then the article goes on to tell me how to defend myself if I encounter a cougar. Says not to run! lol, yeah right! Anyways just thought I would share with everyone.

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