Monday, November 30, 2009

Emily saves the day!

So last Monday Kyle had dropped me off over where we hunt for a few hours. He came back at dark to pick me up with Brayden and Emily. As I was walking across the field towards the truck I saw Kyle and Brayden get out of the front seats and then I saw Kyle try to open the back hatch and then go to the front door with no success! Apparently when Brayden got out of the front passenger side door he hit the lock button! (the truck was not running) So where were the keys? Locked in the truck! So where was Emily? Locked in the truck in her car seat! When I got to the truck and found out for sure that this what happened I started to panic! It gets better though! We have an extra set of keys! Where were the extra set of keys? Locked in the truck!! It just so happened that very day when we were leaving the house I grabbed a set of keys and Kyle grabbed the other set! So he used one and the other set was left lying in the cup holder. Ok, so we knew we could not call someone to go to our house to get our extra set of keys!

Kyle decides at this point to try to get Emily to unlock her door! Now one of the first things that Emily does when she gets in the truck lately is to take off her shoes and socks! Don't ask, I don't know why, she just does it. Well this past summer she discovered that she could use her cute little toes to roll her window up and down! He thought just maybe that we could get her to unlock her door using her toes! So he took my flashlight that I had used to walk out of the woods with and pointed it at the door lock button and we kept asking, kept begging her to unlock the door! She was very calm and thought we wanted her to open her window so she kept trying to do that. About 5 minutes into this I started to think that maybe we should just break one of the windows! I wanted my baby girl out! She was of course fine, not freaking out or anything. She was pretty amused by the whole thing. Then Kyle said we should probably call a tow truck since we have free lock out service. But he kept trying to get her to open the door. Then one last try and "click" she flipped the lock and I quickly opened her door! SUCCESS!

We made a big deal about it and of course she was very excited and happy. She is such a smart little 2 year old! I was very relieved that we did not have to wait for a tow truck or break a window. So moral of the story keys need to come out of the truck whenever you get out! What a crazy night. Anyone else have a funny story like that?

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blueviolet said...

She saved the day and now you have a story for the rest of history!