Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top 10 List: Things no child has ever died from!

So today I thought I would post a top 10 list that I happened to read in my Parenting Early Years magazine the other night.

10 things no child has ever died from!! :)

1. Screaming his lungs out (the lungs don't literally come out!)
2. Not getting the latest handheld, GPS-encoded musical thingamabob that all the other kids have! (Even if all the other kids really, truly do have it.)
3. Eating cheese sticks exclusively from age 2 to 3!
4. Taking 30 seconds to think about what he's thankful for before lunging for the sweet potatoes.
5. The heartbreak of a hopelessly twisted slinky!
6. Having to put her arm around her brother for five seconds for your family Christmas-card photo.
7. Being left with-GASP!-Dad while you go off for a much deserved girl's weekend!
8. Seeing the Hannah Montana movie the day after it opens.
9. Having to wait till he's older before he gets to use the pocket knife his clueless uncle got him for his birthday.
10. Too many hugs and kisses. :)

I just thought this list was cute. Enjoy and have a great Tuesday.

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