Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Ramblings.....

Feeling like crud the past couple days.  What I thought was allergies last week has turned into a full blown sinus cold.  It has knocked me on my butt!  Ended up staying home from work today to try and rest. I am scheduled to work 3 full days starting tomorrow and am hoping to be feeling better.  I slept the morning away after sleeping 8 hours, I obviously needed it!

I hate being sick.  It seems like nothing gets done around the house!  Not, that the Hubbs doesn't help out, but he has been putting in a lot of hours of hard physical work and is beat when he gets home.  Oh well, it will be there when I feel better.  I also hate that nothing taste like it is suppose to!

Speaking of eating.....  I am so far off the wagon that I have decided to sign up with Weight Watchers again next week!  I have been working on losing and gaining the same 10 pounds since January!  I am FED up!  I know what to do and start off doing great, but after a couple weeks I am right back to stuffing my face!

So, it's time for some accountability.  I know that if I am paying for something and have to step on that scale every week I will get my butt in gear.  It worked for me last year. 

I am so ready to start buying cute summer clothes and really want to buy them in a size smaller!  So I will start back up with my weekly weigh in posts next week. 

Now that the weather is finally warming up I will be able to get outside everyday and at least get a walk in.  I am doing a 5k in August and really want to be able to run most of it, so I need to get busy.  I can run a mile straight right now.

What are you rambling on about today?

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Kristie said...

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I know what you mean about being sick and not being able to do what you want...a couple years ago I was sick for 6 weeks straight! Thankfully I haven't been that bad again since :-)

Feel better soon! :-)