Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Goals Link Party 4/29

Operation Skinny Jeans

I have joined a 10 week challenge with Jess from Operation Skinny Jeans! So excited to have more support with my getting healthy goals!

Today I am blogging about my goals for this week!

There are pretty easy.

The first is to resign up with Weight Watchers!  I just finished this one!  Check!

My second goal this week is to get 4 day of exercise in!  This should be pretty easy since the weather is looking great this week! 


Jess said...

How does weight watchers work? I have been considering it but I am not sure how it works or any of that. Any suggestions?

The Nanny Jenny said...

I love love love weight watchers so much! I have Been with them a month and it's now my 3rd time with them. If you stick with the program you will lose. It's just the sticking with the program thing that gets me sometimes haha.

Carolyn said...

I'm on WW and it's great! I started in November 2012 and have lost about 35 lbs so far.

Basically, you're given a set number of "points" that you can eat per day. You're also given 49 spare points to use throughout the week on alcohol, cheat meals, etc. And then you can earn extra points for working out.

Honestly, it's by far the easiest diet I've ever been on, once you get the hang of what works for you and how to spread your points out throughout the day. I don't really feel hungry, and I can splurge when I want to... as long as I account for it.

I highly highly recommend WW, even though I know the WW method isn't for everyone.

I've blogged about my own experience on WW at

Carolyn :)

Kristie said...

Good luck with weight watchers! My Dad has been on it for 5 weeks and has already lost 20 lbs! :-)