Monday, April 6, 2009

A busy week

Been a couple busy weeks. We have been finishing our big basement project and we are almost there. We just have to have carpet installed. Hopefully by the end of the week it will be done! I will take some pics this week to show everyone how it is looking!

Brayden wrestled in a "fun" tournament on March 28th. It was called Border Wars and was held in Mason. He took 3rd! He got a medal with Taz on it. He was very excited and his medal collection continues to grow.

A great picture of Brayden wrestling!

His Border Wars 3rd Place Medal.

Monday brought a field trip to the IMAX theater with Brayden's 2nd grade class. It was a 3D movie called "Under the Sea". It was pretty cool. Very real. I was glad I went. It was a fun morning.

Brayden's Teacher conferences went great. He is doing well and according to the teacher "a great kid and fun to have in class!".

Friday night we took Brayden to weigh in for States. After we took him to Red Lobster for dinner. We had promised him at the beginning of the season if he made it to States we would take him to whatever restaurant he wanted. He choose Red Lobster since he loves Shrimp and crab legs. He had never been either so he was very excited. Grandpa Dan and Grandma Carolyn met us for dinner. It was a nice evening and of course everyone was stuffed!

Emily loved the Lobster tank!

Brayden happy and full!

Saturday morning was MYWA States for Brayden. It was held at the Jenison Field House on the campus of MSU! It is where the college wrestlers wrestle! Brayden wrestled very hard. He lost his 1st match, won his 2nd and lost his 3rd. Losing his 3rd match sent us home, but he did an awesome job and had a great season of wrestling. We are very proud of him.

He won his 2nd Match!

Waiting to wrestle a match.

So now we are on Spring Break and this is what we wake up to this morning!!!! SNOW! I almost forgot it is April.

Looking forward to getting James and Hannah later this week for Spring Break!

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