Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kids say the funniest things...

Tonight when we were at Brayden's soccer game we were sitting in the truck before his game and a car was coming down the road towards us with a kid hanging his head out the window. Obviously this kid did not have his seat belt on. Anyways, we were all kind of laughing and talking about how he should have a seat belt on and Brayden says "He must be half dog" very seriously. And that is exactly what it looked like, like a dog hanging his head out the window. We all laughed about it. Kids say the most truthful things and it can come out so funny. Now that I am typing this it does not sound as funny, lol. I guess you had to be there to see this kid. Brayden did tell me to get my camera out and take a picture at the time, kind of wishing I did take one to go along with this silly story!

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