Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Found a great website!

Just wanted to share with everyone a cool blog I came across yesterday. It is called "deal seeking mom". I have a link on my blog if your interested. It has a lot of great info and links to other great moving saving blogs. I was just on the coupon cravings site. Anyways, for all you moms out there that are on a budget and like to save money or get things free, check it out.


Pam said...

I like that one too! I also like and They always have the best deals and coupons. I think I have a list of about 10 or so that I keep up with each week to get my coupons and goodies.

Wendy said...

Cool, I will have to check them out too. The kids have told me that you save a ton on groceries using coupons! It's fun to get ideas and info from other moms.