Thursday, April 16, 2009

Resale Shops are the best!

I absolutely love to shop, but I don't like to pay full price, especially for kids clothes. I have been doing a ton of my kids clothes shopping this past year at Children's resale shops. I know that some of you already do this too. I have been shopping at three shops on a very consistent weekly schedule and have come across some great finds. I shop at one in Charlotte, called "Waddles and Toddles Boutique". I really love "Angels & Rascals" in Holt and I shop at "Happily Ever After" in Hartland. Back in January I went thru all of Emily's old clothes and took them into Angels and Rascals. They have been giving me 50% of the price they sell the clothes for! If you keep your money that you make in the account and buy clothes from them they also give you 25% off your purchase!! I have made over $150 at least in the last couple months. It's fun and challenging to find what your looking for. So if you have not tried shopping at a resale shop or consignment shop you should give it a try. I love getting name brand clothes in like new condition for dollars less than in the retail stores. Sometimes you find items that still have tags from their original store on them too. I have posted some of my most recent finds below. Good luck!

Hannah's "new" swim suit. I beleive I paid around $4.50 for it!

6 new pairs of shorts for Emily!

3 cute sun dresses for Emily. I can't wait to put them on her and get pictures!

3 pairs of shorts for Brayden and James. All name brand shorts.

3 shirts for Hannah, the purple tank top is brand new with store tags on it!

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