Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update on our Basement project!

Well we are almost done! It has been a long project. The last few weeks have been very busy with lots of painting, doors and trim going up, more painting, lots of taping for painting and more painting!! Thursday our carpet is being installed! Here are some pics of how it looks today before the carpet goes down. We have to take the doors off before they come still. After the carpet is done, then just touch up the walls and trim that might be scratched and we have to put a drop ceiling in Hannah's room since she has lots of plumbing and heat ducts above her room. The pics have some dust spots in them since we just cleaned and swept the floors and the dust was flying. We still need to wipe the walls down in the family room, they got really dusty when Kyle was cutting trim and door casings. We will probably take a little break but then we will be tackling the upstairs. I will post more pics on Thursday when the carpet is done! The plan is to let the kids start moving their stuff down Thursday night. I am very excited to get Hannah back in her own room so Emily can have the girls' room all to her self. It is to small for both and Emily's toys are all out in the living room. I am so ready to have it all in her own room except for a few things of course. Enjoy the pics!

The stairs leading to our kitchen upstairs. Kyle had to fill the backs of the stairs in for the carpet to be installed.

The family room. We went with a dark green color called "Olive Smudge" I love it!

Another view of the family room. In the far back corner there is a little cubby area that we will build shelves and it will house all our board games, etc...

James and Brayden's room. They went with the color called "Hanging vine". They want a Jungle themed room.

Hannah's room color is called "classic lilac". It is beautiful! I can't wait to help her decorate it.


Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

wow looks nice !
i like the dark color in main room !!

The McNamara's said...

Thanks! It has been a long time project. Doing it all our selves and with cash when we have it so we don't have any debt with it. It will nearly double the size of our house!!

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

how nice to have some more space !
keep posting pics would love to see the finished product :)