Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some great Garage Sale finds!

I am always happy to find things I am looking for at a yard sale for a much cheaper price. Over the weekend I was able to get a wagon for Emily. I had been wanting one, but did not want to buy one new. I spent $10 on it and it is in awesome shape and has storage under the seat, cup holders and a little door. Emily loves it! She loves being pulled in it and loves to try to pull it herself.

I also bought a tunnel toy, not sure the exact name of it. They were asking $10 for it, but it was towards the end of the sale so I offered less and got it for $6.00! It is in excellent condition and Emily loves it. The big kids will like playing in it with her I'm sure. She loves playing peek a boo in it with her Daddy.

I also purchased a Little Tykes Slide for outside, but it would not fit in the back of my Durango so a friend is bringing it to me later this week. I paid $10 for that too and I know she will get a lot of use out of it the next few years. So all together I paid $26.00 for all 3 things. I wasn't necessarily looking for the tunnel but I was looking for the wagon and a slide and I got all three for much less than just one of the items! What a deal!! What are some great garage sale finds you have found??

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