Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A great Love Story!

I wanted to share a story with you. It is a great love story! A friend from my childhood is currently waiting for her hubby to return from Iraq. He has been there since July. While away his baby girl Isabell was born! He will be home any day now and be meeting her for the first time! The Detroit News wrote an article about Kim, Christopher and Isabell. I contacted Kim and asked if I could share her story and she said sure so if your interested in reading it, head on over to Kim's blog.

CLICK HERE to go read Kim's story! You might want to have some tissues handy because it will bring tears to your eyes!


Kristie said...

Oh my! She is so strong to be able to do all that on her own! I bet she can't wait for her husband to meet their little one and start being a family. What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!

Together We Save said...

Thanks so much .... heading over now. I love you contest on your other blog. I wanted to enter but I can not comment on that style of commenting in blogger.... it is a weird computer thing.

Momma Such said...

Oh how sweet! I love the photo as well! :)