Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monster Truck Show

The Tailgator!

I won tickets to the Monster Truck show that came to the Breslin Center in East Lansing last week off of WITL! The kids were super excited to go. None of them had ever been. It was my first time going as well. We went early to attend the "Pit Party". The drivers and trucks are all out on the arena floor. It was pretty cool. I can't believe how big the tires are!

We also got to do a Meet and Greet(part of winning the tickets from the radio station) with the 4 drivers downstairs right before the show! It was just us and one other family. It was fun. The kids got a gift bag filled with goodies (hat, flag, pencil and roster). They got their flags autographed and we got our picture taken with all the drivers.

The show was fun. They make it fun for the kids. We had a great night together as a family. I would actually go back, as I found myself having a lot of fun and laughing at the funny parts of the show!

The kids and Rick Long who drives "Big Foot"

Standing under "Ironman"

Getting autographs during the meet and greet.

Bigfoot was the winner of the night!


blueviolet said...

That actually does look really cool!

Anonymous said...

I have been a monster truck fan for years. My favorite is GRAVE DIGGER. It is a good time when the family gets together for something like that.
We plan to take Tyler this summer when they come to Stafford Speedway where it is held outside.

Kristie said...

How fun! I'm not sure I ever knew how big those trucks were until I saw that picture of your kiddos under one! Wow!

I actually used to usher at the Breslin and I used to listen to WITL....seems so long ago now! LOL!