Friday, February 19, 2010

Top Ten Parenting Oscars you ought to win....

I found another cute list at the back of my new Parenting Early Years magazine that came the other day!

This one is titled Top Ten Parenting Oscars you ought to win!

1. MUSIC (Original Score): For teaching your kids to sing the real version of "Jingle Bells", not the one where Batman smells and Robin lays an egg.

2. BEST DIRECTOR: For organizing a month long PTA fund-raiser that actually raised funds!

3. MAKEUP: For applying enough under-eye concealer to avoid looking like the Crypt Keeper after a sleepless night tending a croupy kid.

4. ART DIRECTION: For getting the kids to make a "Welcome Grandma" banner without a single fight breaking out over using the red crayon.

5. BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: For sitting on the bleachers every Saturday, just to cheer like crazy for the seven minutes your son makes it onto the soccer field!

6. SOUND MIXING: For talking loudly enough that your tween actually heard you over his iPod, and in fact, listened to what you had to say.

7. SOUND EDITING: For stealthily removing the Care Bear's batteries, then telling your son that Tenderheart lost his voice and needs to rest for a day.

8. COSTUME DESIGN: For the Hananh Montana getup you made your daughter from a mop head and cheap jewelry minutes before the Halloween parade.

9. CINEMATOGRAPHY: For capturing five full minutes of your family on video during which no child sticks a finger up his nose or crosses his eyes.

10. PICTURE OF THE YEAR: For the one you snapped of your husband and kids - the one that reminds you why, the craziness aside, this is the happiest time of your life!

Hope you enjoyed these! Which one can you relate to the most lately?

This list was taken from the back of Parenting Early Years March 2010.


Alexia said...

Oh, I'm REALLY good at Sound Editing! LOL The boys don't even get upset anymore when one of their toys quits talking or singing!

Kristie said...

Very cute! Numbers 4 and 7 definitely apply here! And number 10 is so sweet-I try to get pictures like that any chance I get!